Topic area: Working Differently in Extension

Extension in the Intersection of Community Development & Health (August 2014)
J. Adams, L. Johnson, W. Majee & B. Maltsberger (University of Missouri)
Recorded presentation     PowerPoint

Keeping Your Equine Business a Vibrant Part of Rural Communities (December 2012)
K. Anderson (University of Nebraska) & C. Skelly (Michigan State University)
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Ripple Effect Mapping of Extension (February 2012)
L. Flage (North Dakota State University) and S. Chazdon (University of Minnesota)
Recorded Presentation      Example Focus Group Agenda

Public Value (April 2011)
L. Kalambokidis (University of Minnesota)  No recording or PowerPoint available.

Public Talk, Public Action: Advancing Civic Capacity to Tackle Tough Issues (March 2011)
W. Wright and S. Hodge
PowerPoint              Recorded Presentation

Higher Education Community Engagement in Rural Areas (February 2011)
R. Stoecker
PowerPoint            No recording available.

Brain Research & Change Strategies (February 2011)
J. Thomas
PowerPoint           No recording available.

Regional Delivery Systems in Cooperative Extension (January 2011)
G. W. Morse
PowerPoint            No recording available.

Where to from here? Future trends impacting Cooperative Extension (January 2011)
J. Thomas
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The Future of Work and its Impact on Extension Systems (December 2010)
K. Gamble
Recorded Presentation   No recording available.

Competencies for Extension Professionals in the 21st Century (November 2010)
G. Cochran, A. Harder and S. Scheer
Recorded Presentation         No recording available.