Community Impacts of Energy Development Webinar Series 16/17

The North Central Regional Center for Rural Development is sponsoring a webinar series on Community Impacts of Energy Development. The webinar series is presented by the NSF-sponsored Research Coordination Network,, that focuses on synthesizing, coordinating and learning across social science disciplines that study the community impacts of energy development. A diverse team of national experts from political science, public health, geography,sociology and economics that makes up the steering committee of the Energy Impacts RCN will contribute to the webinar series as webinar hosts and speakers.

There is no registration and no fee for attending this webinar.  To join the webinar go to, “enter as a guest” is by default already chosen. Type your name into the text box provided, select “Enter Room”. You are now in the meeting room for the webinar.  To facilitate Q&A’s, participants will submit questions/comments via the Chat Function in Adobe Connect.

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Series schedule

November 10, 2016 - 2:30 – ET
Synergies and Innovations in Coordinating Energy Impacts Research: The Case of Shale Development Impacts

Presented by: Jeffrey Jacquet (Ohio State University), Jeremy Weber (University of Pittsburgh) and Julia H. Haggerty (Montana State University)
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This webinar kicked off the series of webinars for academic year 2016-2017 that focus on opportunities for synergies and cross-boundary learnings about community impacts of energy development. Each speaker shared a brief synopsis of approaches and key questions that their respective disciplines—sociology, economics and geography—bring to the case of impacts from shale oil and gas development. Each of the speakers briefly shared key developments and new research from across their disciplines while highlighting opportunities for emerging or new interdisciplinary approaches to solve key problems.

December 15, 2016 - 2:30 PM – ET
Synergies and Innovations in Coordinating Energy Impacts Research: the Case of Renewables
Presented by: Claire Haggett (The University of Edinburgh), Ben Hoen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Dustin Mulvaney (San Jose State University)
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Community Impacts of Renewable Energy is the second webinar in webinar series and will highlight emerging social science research on renewable energy from the disciplines of Sociology, Economics, and Geography, as well as provide a forum to discuss opportunities for collaboration and synthesis in renewables research across these disciplines.  Panelists will provide an overview of their work on renewable energies including  solar, on-and-offshore wind, and biofuels energy development, discuss their individual and disciplinary approaches to renewable energy research, and engage in Q & A from the audience.

February 16, 2017 - 2:30 PM – ET
New Voices in Energy Impacts Research: Graduate Research Highlights
Dylan Bugden (Cornell University), Bec Coplvin (University of Queensland), Emily Grubert (Stanford University) and Shawn Olson-Hazboun (Utah State University)
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In the third webinar in’s 2016-2017 webinar series. This webinar will highlight cutting-edge social science research on the impacts of energy development from current or recent graduate students, as well as provide a forum for current and prospective graduate students engaged in energy impacts research. Panelists will discuss recent findings from their work examining impacts of energy development across wind, oil, and coal seam and natural gas regimes, as well as consider cross-cutting themes such as best practices for community engagement, relationships between environmental beliefs and attitudes towards energy development, and the influence of framing on attitudes, adoption, and public support.

This is being rescheduled for a later date:
Coordinating Research on Energy Law and Policy
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