Rural Health & Safety Education: Combating Opioids

The Rural Health and Safety Education webinar series "Combating Opioids" is hosted by Purdue University Extension and the NCRCRD as part of a *USDA/NIFA* and SAMHSA grant. To join any of the webinars, go to: - Log in as a "Guest" (type your first and last name) and "enter room".   To facilitate Q&A's, participants will use the Chat Function.  All webinars will be recorded and will be posted 2-3 days after the presentation date.

If you have never used Adobe Connect on your computer, use the "test connection" link: in advance.

Objective of this webinar series is to:

  • Share information and best practices to prevent opioid misuse and abuse in rural counties
  • Increase professional capacity to engage in health leadership in rural counties
  • Increase access to new ideas and technologies related to opioid misuse and abuse in rural counties
  • Increase public health knowledge and engage in health system
  • Increase health literacy of opioid misuse or abuse in rural counties

Upcoming Webinars


Archived Webinars (Recordings and Presentations)

#Capacity Building for Improved Behavioral Health in Rural America: PROSPERing in a COVID Context
Presented by: Richard Spoth, Greg Pliler, and Cassandra Knutson (Iowa State University)
Recorded Presentation     Presentation 

#The Childhood Trauma - Addiction - Incarceration Pipeline: A National Public Health Crisis Compounded in Rural Areas (09/10/20)
Presented by: David Young (Montana State University)
Recorded Presentation     Presentation 

#Emergency Services: Impacts of Responses to the Opioid Crisis (02/04/20)
Presented by: Captain Tobias Frost (Lafayette Fire Department)
Recorded Presentation     Presentation 

#The Impact of Naloxone Access Laws on Opioid Overdose Deaths in the U.S. (9/25/19)
Presented by: Elham Erfanian (West Virginia University)
Recorded Presentation     Presentation

#The Relationship Between Opioid Prescriptions and Child Removals
Presented by: Troy Quast (University of South Florida)
Recorded Presentation     Presentation
Florida study   California study    U.S. study

*The Impact of the Opioid Crisis on Hospitals: A Nurse's Perspective from the Bedside
Presented by: Nicole Adams, PhD., RN, CEN, Purdue University
Recorded Presentation     Presentation

#Mental Health Promotion: An Opportunity for Opioid Overdose Prevention (2/21/19)
Presented by Laura Schwab-Reese, Purdue University
Recorded Presentation     Presentation

*Dreamland: America's Opiate Epidemic and How We Got Here (12/7/18)
Presented by Sam Quinones, Journalist and Author
Recorded Presentation

*Demand-side Factors Influencing Endemic Drug Use in America (9/25/18)
Presented by Michael Betz, The Ohio State University
Recorded presentation     Presentation

*Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Driver of the Opioid Epidemic (6/19/18)
Presented by: Michael Brumage (West Virginia University)
Recorded presentation     Presentation

Resources noted:
What's Your ACE Score? Take the Quiz
State of Indiana has a stigma reduction campaign called Know the O Facts

*More than Opioids: The Social Determinants of Drug Overdose and Related Despair in Rural and Small City America

Presented by: Shannon M Monnat (Syracuse University)
Recorded presentation     Presentation

*Recognition and Stigma in Prescription Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse (1/17/18)
Presented by: Robert Shupp and Scott Loveridge (Michigan State University)
Recorded presentation     Presentation

Resources noted in webinar chat:

*How the Opioid Crisis Impacts Individuals and Rural Communities (12/5/17)
Presented by: Michelle Sybesma, Parkdale Center for Professionals
Recorded presentation

*This work is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (grant opportunity #: USDA-NIFA-RHSE-006360)

#This work is supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Rural Opioids Technical Assistance Grants program [grant opportunity #: 1H79TI0898-01]