2013 Michigan Fruit Management Guide available at MSU Extension Bookstore

Annually updated fruit bulletin contains current information and pesticide recommendations for Michigan fruit growers.

Michigan Fruit Management GuideThe 2013 Michigan Fruit Management Guide is the key to effective pest control in Michigan fruit crops. Michigan is an ideal place to raise temperate fruits because of the moderating effect of Lake Michigan on the climates and winter cold. Growing fruit in Michigan is not easy because there are many insects and diseases that thrive here and attack Michigan fruit crops. A few of these pests are natives like cherry fruit fly, apple maggot and blueberry maggot. Most Michigan fruit pests are invasive pests that are not native to Michigan, but established themselves long ago like apple scab and codling moth when we imported their hosts to grow and enjoy here in America. Some pests are new invasive species such as the spotted winged Drosophila (SWD), which is threatening Michigan berry crops

To effectively control these fruit pests, Michigan State University Extension recommends that growers practice integrated pest management (IPM). IPM uses as many tools as possible to control pests so that pesticide applications are managed and kept to a minimum. The Michigan Fruit Management Guide is updated every year so that Michigan fruit growers have the most current information at their fingertips during the growing season. The guide assists fruit growers in selecting pest control. It includes general pesticide and crop-specific information, as well as up-to-date tips on related issues such as the safe use of pesticides, environmental protection, integrated pest management and new and emerging pests.

Most of MSU Extension’s bulletins are available at the MSU Extension Bookstore. You can search by subject, title or bulletin number. The print version of “E-154,” the Michigan Fruit Management Guide is available for $25. A PDF version of the Michigan Fruit Management Guide (PDF) is available for $20.

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