24c label for Instinct nitrogen stabilizer in Michigan corn

Label will allow growers to address nitrogen loss issues during post-plant nitrogen applications.

The state of Michigan has approved a special local need registration for the use of Instinct (e.g., nitrapyrin) in post-plant sidedress corn nitrogen applications. The labeling will allow growers to apply 18 to 35 fluid ounces of Instinct per acre as a post-plant application in corn. These applications may be injected, dribbled or applied as a band with sidedress liquid fertilizers. Instinct may also be impregnated onto dry fertilizers and applied.

Remember the following restrictions if considering this product.

  • Do not tank-mix Instinct with anhydrous ammonia.
  • Do not use with dry fertilizers containing nitrate (e.g., ammonium nitrate).
  • Do not mix seed with dry fertilizer containing Instinct.
  • Post-plant applications must be applied prior to V6 corn.
  • Do not apply more than 70 fluid ounces of Instinct per acre per year on corn.

Given the poor spring field conditions, growers should be aware that crops other than corn are not to be rotated in less than one year from where product application has already occurred.

Research investigations demonstrating the results of this product here in Michigan are currently under way and results will be available at the end of the year.

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