2ee labels issued for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug control in Michigan

Products are currently labeled in Michigan to help with this new pest if needed.

I don't expect to see brown marmorated stink bugs in our bean or corn fields this year, but insecticides will be available in field crops when or if populations increase. The following products already have 2ee labels for Michigan:

  • Acephate - for dry beans and soybean
  • Cobalt - for any crop on the label
  • Lorsban - for any crop on the label

If a need arises, I will post the labels at my web site.

Reminder, a 2ee is issued when a pesticide is already registered on a crop, but the manufacturer wants to make a quick addition or change to the label. 2ee's are most often issued when a new pest is found. For example, insecticides for soybean aphids were first used as 2ee's until aphids were officially added to the label. The important point of a 2ee is that the company makes the recommendation itself, and stands behind control of the new pest.

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