4-H and the Lansing Lugnuts promote the science of baseball

Come out to the game on April 26th to explore the science behind the game of baseball.

Baseball remains one of America’s favorite past times. Young or old, player or spectator, there is something about the game that draws us to the ballpark each spring. While young people certainly gravitate to baseball, their appeal and interest in science is less than ideal. It is for this reason that Michigan 4-H has partnered with the Lansing Lugnuts in a joint effort to connect science learning and exploration with the very game we love – baseball.  

Join us at 4-H Science Day with the Lugnuts baseball game on Saturday, April 26, 2014 as the Lansing Lugnuts partner with Michigan 4-H Youth Development to inspire young scientists and baseball players to explore the science involved in baseball. Michigan State University Extension encourages youth and their families to come learn the science behind throwing a good curve ball, hitting, the design of a baseball and the science of turf grass. Don’t tell your kids, but there is an awful lot of science in baseball! This game is dedicated to helping youth, and adults, understand that we experience and benefit from science every day. Even at the ballpark!

Have you ever wondered how to throw a curve ball and why the ball actually appears to curve in midair? There will be a pitching demonstration on the field to learn firsthand from the Lugnuts pitching coach and players the science behind pitching. If you are interested in turf management or how to mow those cool lines in the outfield, the field manager will discuss the science behind grass and soil and why the turf in the outfield needs to be different that the turf in your backyard. Spectators can participate in many hands-on science activities and experiments throughout the concourse that will interest and excite you. Check out engineering activities, build and launch a slingshot, experiment with water bugs, and much more.

Gates open at noon with Lansing Lugnuts’ demonstrations beginning at 12:30 p.m. and the game at 2:05p.m. The 4-H science activities will line the concourse starting at noon and will remain open through the majority of the game. You can purchase tickets at the game or online on the Lansing Lugnuts website. See you at the ballpark!

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