4-H Exploration Days will bring youth to MSU campus

Explorations Days, Michigan's largest annual 4-H event, helps youth explore career options while developing independence, decision-making and teamwork skills.

EAST LANSING, Mich. - More than 2,500 youth and chaperones will be on the Michigan State University (MSU) campus June 20-22 for the annual 4-H Exploration Days. An event for youth ages 11 to 19 and adult volunteers from all parts of Michigan, this pre-college program will teach skills that can be applied to careers and used back home.

“The key to making an event work is that we have not only kids but also resourceful people coming from across the state” said 4-H Youth Development program leader and coordinator Judy Ratkos. “Instructors and many, many chaperones really help provide the kids with lots of opportunities to grow and expand and provide a good safety net and a system of support to encourage them.”

Michigan’s largest annual 4-H event, Exploration Days is designed to help participants increase their interest in certain topics and explore career options, while developing independence, decision-making and teamwork skills. They also meet and interact with people from different backgrounds and other areas throughout Michigan. 4-H volunteers and staff members are on hand to provide oversight and guidance.

Participants will be housed in residence halls on campus and attend sessions they are interested in, ranging from cake decorating, learning sign language, starting an organic farm and Michigan government and history to 4-H Project Runway, news reporting, yoga, dance, songwriting, web page design, Photoshop, kayaking, sailing, and many more. More than 800 hands-on sessions and field trips will be offered.

 Participants can also attend plenty of other activities on the MSU campus during their free time. They will have a chance to tour locations including the MSU Skandalaris Football Center and the 4-H Children’s Garden and recreational locations including IM sports facilities and Munn Ice Arena.

“4-H Exploration Days gives youth an authentic collegiate experience,” Ratkos said. “They are exposed to things they cannot get at the local level. Information learned in a session may spark their interest in a college major or career. Many are inspired to come to college at MSU because they feel confident here and are excited about all the opportunities MSU offers.”

On June 20, the opening night of the event will feature entertainer, award-winning speaker and inspirational comedian, Judson Laipply, the Evolution of Dance creator. On the following day, the annual State 4-H Awards celebration will honor and celebrate more than 160 Michigan 4-H members.

For more information on 4-H Exploration Days, please visithttp://4h.msue.msu.edu/4h/4_h_exploration_days.

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