4-H ambassadors and job preparation

Prepare for your future job by becoming a 4-H ambassador in your county.

Does your county 4-H program have a contest to name 4-H members as 4-H ambassadors? 4-H ambassadors are a great way to showcase local county 4-H members and all of the great things they do. Typically, 4-H ambassadors consist of 4-H members in various age ranges. While being selected as a 4-H ambassador is an honor, even the process of striving to become a 4-H ambassador has benefits for all 4-H members who apply.

The selection process to be on an ambassador may consist of an application, followed by an interview with a judge or judges. After this process is complete, the judges select 4-H members to serve as ambassadors. One benefit of the application and interview process is that it can assist 4-H members with preparing for their current or future job searches; there are similarities between an interview to become a 4-H ambassador and one to get a job.

The application for an ambassador may consist of a series of questions about the 4-H member, the member’s experience in 4-H, school or other community activities, and what was learned through the experience. Questions on the application will help prepare the 4-H member to communicate about his or her participation in 4-H and other activities. The key for this and any type of application is to fill it out completely and accurately, and make sure it is neat and presentable. In addition, answers to questions in the applications should reflect the applicant’s best qualities and skills, highlight who they are and catch the eye of the judges (or in the case of a job search, the hiring manager).

Ambassador interviews, and interviews in general, give 4-H members the opportunity to verbally communicate who they are to the judges and help make their application come to life. Just like the application, answer the questions completely and accurately. Answers should highlight the great characteristics of the applicant.

When interviewing, another important factor to consider is appearance: dress and appearance is important for any type of interview. 4-H members should wear business or business casual attire to their ambassador interviews, just as you would for a job interview. For more information about interviews, refer to the Michigan 4-H Winning Job Interviews handout.

If it is available in your county, Michigan State University Extension encourages youth to apply to become a 4-H ambassador. Even if a 4-H member is not selected to serve as an ambassador, he or she has gained an experience similar to the process of searching for a job. Pursue this opportunity for the experience, to gain confidence, and to make the adjustments needed as you learn more about yourself and continuously prepare for your dream job. The experience of filling out the 4-H ambassador application and interviewing can pay off in the future.

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