4-H mirrors benefits obtained from the college experience: Part 2

4-H programming can offer youth an edge in preparing for college or the workforce.

In Part 1 of this series, we began exploring the top 10 reasons to go to college and how the benefits gained from the college experience can be obtained from programming offered by Michigan State University Extension 4-H. The skills, experiences and developmental opportunities from these programs can help youth prepare for college, the workforce and life as they demonstrate to both college admission boards and future employers that students are prepared to transition from high school to something more. In Part 2 of this series, we will conclude our examination with the five remaining reasons reported.

  1. Education can help improve the community. A college education will teach your child to make a difference in his or her community; 4-H programs can have that same impact. From education about one’s own community and local issues to actual community service projects, 4-H offers a variety of experiences around community service and learning, as well as civic engagement. These programs help serve a cause and kindle the fire for future community service.
  2. College exposes your child to a variety of people. Meeting people at college from various backgrounds and lifestyles will help your child have a new perspective on themselves and others. 4-H programs also involve making new friends, sharing similarities and differences and networking. Other components of the 4-H experience include learning social skills, working in teams and networking for resources or potential jobs. These connections will enrich the life of your child, enhance their world perspective and better the communities they live in. In addition, global and cultural education programs bring kids awareness about global issues and help them to gain a better understanding of different cultures.
  3. College builds your resume. Yes, some employers require a degree but 4-H programs allow you to actually show what you can do. The challenges overcome during 4-H experiences can be translated into job skills or help youth be successful in college. 4-H also offers career preparation programs that help youth learn valuable skills like resume writing and interviewing techniques.
  4. College helps youth grow up. Although youth in 4-H programs may not be living alone, they are developing valuable life skills such as responsibility, dedication, resource management, problem-solving and meeting goals. These skills can be used in any post-secondary education and throughout life. From raising farm animals to speaking in front of a Congress, the challenges presented to your child in 4-H are varied. But they don’t go it alone; mentors, educators and 4-H leaders are there to assist, support and guide along the way. The growth you see in your child through 4-H can be amazing.
  5. College can be fun! A college experience can be fun and so is 4-H! With clubs, festivals, events and competitions, 4-H offers many fun opportunities. From fairs to 4-H Explorations Days, and camps to Washington, D.C. field trips, 4-H offers so much for both youth and adults to get involved in.

With MSU Extension 4-H programs, your child can get a college-like experience before they go to college with more bang for your buck, more preparation for your child and less expensive life lessons learned! Start taking advantage of the opportunities offered by MSU Extension 4-H today!

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