4-H Project Snapshot’s: Resources you can use!

4-H Project Snapshot’s can help volunteers and club members recruit new members.

Sometimes it is a hard task to explain what a 4-H project is all about to others who ask.  How do members and leaders quickly, and concisely, articulate all of the learning, relationship building, civic awareness, science, life skill development and the plethora of other things that 4-H programs provide to youth? Needless to say it can be hard.

Michigan State University Extension is making it a bit easier for 4-H volunteers and members to communicate what they do.  4-H Project Snapshot Sheets have been in development for the past two years.  Currently there are 12 published snapshots that can be downloaded from the Michigan 4-H website on the following project areas:

Each of these snapshot sheets explain what the project is, what youth will learn in a progressive way, highlights science, life skill development, citizenship and leadership, and communication skills youth will learn through the project, explore ways youth can get more involved in the topic area, and list curriculums and resources in the content area.  That is a lot of information in one sheet!

Currently, the 4-H Snapshot Sheets have had over 5,000 “clicks” on the Michigan 4-H website in the past year.  Volunteers are encouraged to give them out to perspective club members and can also use them to learn about resources that they may not be using.  Additionally, local MSU Extension offices are using them as a recruitment tool. 

Telling the story of what 4-H projects are all about has never been easier.  These useful resources are a great tool to use to spread the word about the amazing opportunities Michigan 4-H has to offer!

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