4-H volunteers and members can share stories for volunteer recruitment

4-H clubs, volunteers and members have opportunities to share their stories of the positive impact 4-H has had on their lives to recruit volunteers in different settings.

Volunteer recruitment is very important in the life of a county 4-H program. 4-H is dependent on volunteers to lead 4-H clubs and other programs through the different delivery models in 4-H such as SPIN Clubs, after-school programs and mentoring. 4-H staff members use different ways to promote and publicize their county 4-H program to attract volunteers to work with youth. As 4-H staff members are recruiting new volunteers, current 4-H volunteers and members can play a role in recruiting volunteers, too. 4-H volunteers and members can assist in recruiting volunteers? Yes!

What can volunteers do to help recruit more volunteers in their county 4-H program? Michigan State University Extension suggests volunteers connect with different service organizations and businesses and work to schedule a presentation featuring the personal impact of being a volunteer. Volunteers can share stories and different highlights from their experience and share them with the audience. As volunteers are part of the recruiting process, involve 4-H youth, too. 4-H members have stories they can tell to potential future 4-H leaders. 4-H members can share the impact of 4-H participation in their lives and they can share the positive impact of having a caring adult volunteer in their lives, too.

Using the stories of the positive impact of 4-H should go beyond the presentations for service organizations and businesses. Check with local 4-H staff about their connections with the local newspapers. Once a connection is made, 4-H volunteers can submit their stories to the local newspapers on the impact of 4-H in their lives and encourage other caring adults to join 4-H as volunteers. As 4-H volunteers share their story, 4-H members can too, and make a recruiting pitch for adults to become 4-H volunteers after the story.

Another venue for 4-H volunteers and members to share their story is through social media, especially if the county 4-H program has different social media sites. Also, consider creating a local video for recruitment through the 4-H club or the 4-H county program. For these methods of recruitment, 4-H clubs should check with the 4-H staff members to receive the rules and guidelines for social media and videos. Participants in 4-H clubs can also take advantage of serving as a vendor at community events to share their experience and the impact of 4-H with people they meet.

4-H clubs, volunteers and members can help the local 4-H program recruit more volunteers by sharing their experience and telling their stories on the positive impact 4-H has had on their lives. When more 4-H volunteers are recruited, it increases the chances of a county 4-H program to make a difference in the lives of youth and adults. It can all get started with getting out in the community and sharing a great story.

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