A message of encouragement and empathy to the CANR community

Quentin Tyler, CANR associate dean and director for diversity, equity and inclusion, encourages building community and advocating for each other during these challenging times.

Quentin Tyler
Quentin Tyler, CANR associate dean and director for diversity, equity and inclusion

While we find ourselves in unprecedented times, I am impressed by the work you all are doing under very stressful circumstances. It has been over a week since we were encouraged to work from home, so it might feel as if the hard work we all put into our respective roles — researching, teaching and providing services — is being stifled. As we think about how to redefine productivity, it is critical that we remember how important it is that we continue to build community, advocate for one another and support each other.

Advocacy and support can be in the form of carefully choosing the words that we use when we communicate with one another. Be mindful that there are members of our CANR community who may be experiencing xenophobia, racism or microagressions based on their identity and backgrounds. Keep in mind that some of us are traveling to places with grandparents, siblings, and parents who are part of the most vulnerable population. And others of us who are not able to return home, such as our international faculty, staff and students.

We should inquire, and not assume, that everyone has access to strong broadband internet service and keep in mind the impact of isolation, quarantining, and working remotely will have on those who rely on work-study, service occupations, or other streams of income.

CANR, continue to be persistent, determined, and relentless and know that we value each of you. When life moves forward, people will remember who was there and what was made available for them in dire times.

Not everyone has family, friends, or nearby acquaintances. Check on people; ask how they are doing or if they need anything. Most importantly, treat people how they would want to be treated, because not only will they remember it now, but also remember it going forward. As we are all experiencing challenging times, remember challenging times reveal character, and because of these challenges, we CANR, will be wiser and stronger.

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