A good business card is a great investment

Some simple information will bring customers to your business.

One of the best investments that can be made in a small business or direct marketing farming operation is a good business card. The business cards help potential customers to remember the business and to know how to contact the business. The cost of a supply of cards is a very nominal investment and can reap rewards.

There are a few simple rules for making the most of a business card:

  • Make sure that the card tells what the business does, not just the name of the business. A simple phrase is helpful in getting the message across especially if the name of the business alone is not indicative of the product or services offered.
  • Include contact information for the business. The physical address, email address and website are all key pieces of information. Including a phone number is always helpful and saves potential customers the work of looking up the number in a phone book or through directory assistance. In the case of a business owner who spends time away from the business, a cell phone number is also very beneficial.
  • If the business has a retail outlet open to the public, hours of operation are helpful.
  • Research shows that business cards with pictures are more likely to be kept than cards with only text. The illustration, whether it is a photograph or drawing should depict something about the business.
  • Using both sides of the card is also a good option. It does not cost much more to print on the second side of the card, yet it doubles the amount of information to be shared with a potential customer. Steve Flaster, Michigan State University marketing and retailing instructor says printing on both sides of the business card is one of the most often overlooked opportunities.

The Michigan State University Product Center provides business and marketing assistance to entrepreneurs with businesses in food, agriculture, natural resources or bio-processing. Innovation counselors are located across the state in local MSU Extension offices to provide this assistance. To request assistance visit the Product Center’s counseling page.

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