A searchable database for the 2011 Michigan Soybean Performance Report is available

Information is power and a new searchable database makes the information contained in the 2011 Michigan Soybean Performance Report even easier to use.

Selecting the best performing varieties is one of the most important decisions that soybean producers make. This decision just became easier thanks to a new searchable database available online at MSU Extension’s Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Variety Trials website. The searchable database enables producers to fine-tune their searches of the information contained in the 2011 Michigan Soybean Performance Report by entering the plant characteristics that are the most important to them. This searchable database makes it possible to sort by year, location(s), seed companies, varieties, herbicide resistance, maturity and specific traits such as soybean cyst nematode and phytophthora resistance. Producers can also limit the number of varieties they want to view by entering this information into the search options.

The database uses the identified characteristics to produce a list of varieties that meet the search criteria. The varieties on the list are presented in order from top to bottom according to yield. For example, a producer could narrow the list of varieties down to the top 10 varieties in the Allegan County Roundup Ready trial having maturity ratings between 2.2 and 2.7. The search could be narrowed even further if the producer needed soybean cyst nematode or phytophthora resistance.

This article was produced by the SMaRT project (Soybean Management and Research Technology). The SMaRT project was developed to help Michigan producers increase soybean yields and farm profitability. Funding for the SMaRT project is provided by MSU Extension and the Michigan Soybean Checkoff program.

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