A tool for job preparation as a 4-H ambassador

Community service learning is a tool for job preparation as 4-H ambassadors fulfill their responsibilities.

There are some benefits for a county 4-H program coordinating a 4-H ambassadors program. One benefit is that any 4-H member who applies to become a 4-H ambassador gains an experience similar to searching for a job. According to Michigan State University Extension, the selection process for becoming a 4-H ambassador may consist of an application followed by an interview with a judge or a panel of judges. 4-H members can use an opportunity like this to practice filling out  job applications and interviewing.

What if a 4-H member gets selected as a 4-H ambassador? Being selected to serve as a 4-H ambassador can give 4-H members an opportunity to build skills for their future job. This can be done through a series of community service learning activities throughout the 4-H year.

 It is an honor to be selected as a 4-H ambassador and responsibilities come with the position such as representing the county 4-H program at events or in the community. All youth in 4-H have a special talent and skill. During their time as a member selected to serve as an ambassador, the 4-H members should think of ways to serve the community using their talents and skills.

A good place to start is for 4-H members to list the following items about themselves: talents, skills, hobbies, favorite classes, classes they excel in, things they are good at, things they love to do or a cause that they are interested in. These items about an ambassador make a good place to start thinking and brainstorming of community service learning projects. Then, from the items listed, ambassadors can begin to find different places such as nonprofit agencies, schools, neighborhood associations, hospitals, parks and other places for volunteering and community service. Also, from the items listed a community service learning activity can be created using the Michigan 4-H Planning Your Community Service Project.

The key after participating in the community service learning project is to document and journal the new skills that were learned as a result of the project and think of how those skills can be expressed in a future cover letter, resume and interview.

Becoming a 4-H ambassador should be more than a title with a picture in the local 4-H newsletter, newspaper or a social media outlet. 4-H members can take advantage of their time fulfilling their responsibilities as ambassadors by using community service learning to promote 4-H, build skills and prepare for their future career.

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