ACA enrollment has been difficult for some people

Did you have trouble signing up for a health insurance plan through the Marketplace? See if you are considered to be “in line” for coverage.

Did you have trouble signing up for the Affordable Care Act health insurance? If so, you were not alone. Many people had difficulty accessing the system during the last few days of enrollment which ended March 31. If you were one of the people who were left with an unfinished application, you may be considered “in line” and will meet the criteria for applying on time for Marketplace health insurance.

Consumers who made a good faith effort to begin the application process or complete their enrollment before March 31 are considered to be “in line.” For example, consumers who experienced a “system problem” would qualify as “in line” if the following occurred:

  • The website was down due to planned or unplanned maintenance periods or other reasons
  • Heavy traffic to or the Marketplace Call Center (including hold times at the Marketplace Call Center or experiencing a dropped call)
  • Received a “data sources down” message on the online application or when applying through the Marketplace Call Center
  • Not successfully passing identity proofing
  • Other system issues that prevented them from finishing the enrollment process

Also, consumers are considered "in line" if they submitted a Medicaid application on or before March 31 but did not receive an eligibility determination prior to the close of open enrollment on March 31. In addition, individuals who applied for and received an eligibility determination before March 31 stating that they were not eligible for Medicaid but did not receive information from the Marketplace about how to proceed with applying for a Marketplace plan by this date will qualify for the “limited circumstances” under the Special Enrollment Process.

In addition, consumers in the following situations are also considered “in line”:

  • On or prior to March 31, attended an enrollment event sponsored by an assister organization but were turned away because of high demand
  • On or prior to March 31, called or left a message seeking help from an assister
  • On or prior to March 31, started an appointment with an assister but could not complete the application or enrollment

For more information on buying health insurance and the Affordable Care Act, see the Michigan State University Extension website called the Affordable Care Act Roadmap

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