Activity in the heat

Safe physical activity in the summer heat.

During the lazy days of summer if you don’t belong to a gym, going outside in the heat may limit your activity options. Senior citizens and children at this time are especially susceptible to heat stroke. Summer is a fun time of year as long as we keep it safe.

One key factor in summer safety is staying hydrated. Drink lots of water. Drink water before you are thirsty to prevent dehydration. To flavor water, cut a few fruit slices and put them in a pitcher of water and let it sit overnight. The next day you have a flavored drink without added sugar and the kids will love it.

A great way to avoid the heat while getting excecise is to go to the nearest shopping mall (with air conditioning) and walk laps. Walking is great exercise and it can be done at your own pace. Start a mall walking group or club, walking is even more fun to do with friends. Mall walking can be done with little or no modification to the wardrobe on the way home from work. Mayo Clinic says walking can trim your waistline and improve your health. Keep in mind that being indoors does not mean you should drink less water than outdoors. Michigan State University Extension recommends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information on heatstroke. Some of the advantages to mall walking are:

  • The mall is a cool temperature in the summer heat.
  • There are normally people in the mall so it is a great place to socialize.
  • The mall has security so it is a safe place to walk.

Remember – even though walking is great please talk to your primary health care physician before starting any excursive regime.

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