After the egg hunt is over and the bunny has left

Leftover egg ideas.

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. It lets us know that things are reborn and new life has begun. Another sign of spring is the arrival of Easter eggs or eggs for Passover Seder. The bunny makes a visit, the kids go on an egg hunt, and the family has to find something to do with several eggs. In some cases, the kids decorate the eggs as a part of family time. I love this time of year and enjoy every minute with my family. Here is one trick I used with my kids to get the full use out of our holiday eggs.

  • Wash a dozen eggs with water and vinegar
  • Get a paper clip (unbend it)
  • Get a large bowl
  • Keep the egg carton (for the shells later)

Take an egg, tap one end with the paper clip until it makes a small hole. Hold the egg over the large bowl; make a hole in the other end the same way. Holding the egg over the bowl, blow the contents of the egg into the bowl. Make sure you have no shells in the bowl. Run water through the empty shell (make sure the water is at a medium pressure – it is an egg shell). Place the empty shell into the egg carton so it can be decorated. Do this for as many eggs as you want. This procedure for the shells can be used at many times of year and for different occasions. The decorated shells can even been gave as a gift. Hard-boiled eggs are great to use also. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), if you are going to eat eggs you dye make sure you use a food grade dye. Michigan State University Extension says that eggs are a great source of protein, the USDA states there is 12.58 grams of protein in eggs, look up this USDA report to see what other nutrients eggs provide. Have fun with your family this holiday!

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