AgrAbility education opportunities open to MSU Extension educators

Webinar to address why rural youth may be even more susceptible to osteoarthritis than youth athletes.

July 8, 2015 - Author: Bev Berens, National AgrAbility

Arthritis comes in many forms. While its victims tend to be older adults, youth and young adults can be susceptible to this debilitating ailment, especially if precautions are ignored early in the work career to reduce stress on joints and bones. The “ten feet tall and bullet proof” attitude, pressing a young person to work beyond their bodies’ capabilities, can lend to a future that might could include varying degrees of arthritis, and the challenges life presents when once healthy joints become fragile, inoperable remnants of the past.

The National AgrAbility Project, which Michigan State University Extension’s AgriAbility Project is affiliated, offers regular educational opportunities through webinars that may benefit many Extension Educators. Just a mouse-click away, the sessions can be accessed during normal working hours, in the comfort of the office with a refreshing beverage close at hand. No need for destination travel and wasted windshield time as the information is streamed directly to the consumer.

The next scheduled webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, July 28 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. It will address why rural youth may be even more susceptible to osteoarthritis than youth athletes. Focusing on prevention, awareness and outreach to rural youth, the webinar will provide resources, a lesson plan and more in an effort to raise awareness and slow down the incidents of osteoarthritis among rural youth.

Webinar registration and information can be found on the Michigan State University Extension website or the AgrAbility website

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