Alternative conifers for Michigan landscapes

New factsheet highlights conifers that can add species diversity to improve sustainability of your landscape.

As noted in recent Michigan State University Extension News articles (Michigan awash with Phomopsis on spruce trees and seedlings and What’s going on with blue spruce?), we have seen a continuing decline of blue spruce trees in many parts of Michigan. While the underlying causes of the decline are still under investigation, the situation points out the need to broaden the array of conifers used in our landscape.

MSU Extension has produced a new factsheet, Alternative conifers for Michigan landscapes, that highlights eight little- or under-used conifers that make excellent landscape trees. The factsheet includes both evergreen and deciduous medium to large conifers that can provide visual interest and grow well on a range of sites.

While no tree can ever be guaranteed to be pest-free, using a greater diversity of species in our landscape can help to spread the risk of pest attack and the potential for catastrophic tree loss.

Dr. Cregg’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch

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