2024 American Bee Research Conference proceedings

Conference presentation abstracts highlight current research on beekeeping and honey bee health topics.

An audience of apiculture researchers and educators listen to a presentation in a conference room.
2024 American Bee Research Conference. Photo by Zachary Huang, MSU.

In January 2024, the American Association of Professional Apiculturists held its annual American Bee Research Conference (ABRC) in conjunction with the American Beekeeping Federation’s annual convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. ABRC conference presentation topics included pests, pathogens and beneficial microbes; breeding, genetics and evolution; chemical ecology, behavior and nutrition; pesticides and acaricides; and beekeeping management, education and outreach. Bee Culture published ABRC abstracts in two parts: 2024 ABRC Proceedings Part 1 and 2024 ABRC Proceedings Part 2.

ABRC presentations included apiculture research conducted by Michigan State University. Graduate student Peter Fowler presented research conducted with Meghan Milbrath, “Rates of Melissococcus plutonius infection in Michigan apiaries and strains associated with clinical European foulbrood disease.” Zachary Huang contributed to research presented by his co-researcher, “A microRNA down-regulates a dopamine receptor to increase sucrose sensitivity in honey bees,” changed from the original planned one show on the program (“RNA-seq of bees infected by Nosema apis, N. ceranae or both species”).

2024 ABRC Proceedings Part 1

2024 ABRC Proceedings Part 2

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