American Hop Convention: Mark your calendars

The 61st Annual Hop Convention is slated for Jan.18-20, 2017.

Panel members discuss trellis design at the 2016 American Hop Convention in Palm Desert, CA.
Panel members discuss trellis design at the 2016 American Hop Convention in Palm Desert, CA.

Hosted by USA Hops, the 61st Annual American Hop Convention will be held in Bend, Oregon, Jan. 18-20, 2017. The convention offers an opportunity for hop producers, brokers, brewers, researchers, and interested stakeholders to learn about the latest craft beer market projections, national hop production acreage, and supply estimates, and network with hop industry experts.

The Brewers Association will present the results of their annual hop usage survey and delve into craft brewing and hop usage trends. Because of increasing hop acreage outside of the Pacific Northwest, in 2016 the convention offered a track specifically designed for small-scale producers. Presentations for this track included: “Hop Sample Maturity”, “Finance, Accounting, & Risk Management”, “USDA NASS Statistical Program”, and a panel on “Trellis Design” (see figures below).


Jason Perrault discusses hop harvest maturity dates at the 2016 American Hop Convention.

The convention also coincides with the Hop Research Council (HRC) Winter Meetings and convention attendees can attend the Hop Research Council Reports on Jan. 18. 2017. The HRC directs and funds hop research for the benefit of the U.S. hop industry.

The 2017 convention will take place at the Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center in Bend, OR. Due to the popularity of the convention, attendees are encouraged to book their hotel rooms as soon as possible. For more information or assistance with hotel reservations, USA Hops created a brochure to make this an easy process. 

As a reminder, planning is underway for the Great Lakes Hop and Barley Conference, which will take place March 1-3, 2017 in Detroit, MI. Keep an eye out for registration details. Please continue to visit Michigan State University Extension’s hop web page or the MSU Hops News Facebook site for up to date information. 

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