Anaerobic digester operator training program

Upcoming training will help farmers learn the details of operating an anaerobic digester.

Some expertise is required to start, maintain the operation of and troubleshoot problems with anaerobic digesters. The purpose of this training is to provide guidance to anaerobic digester operators that will enable them to safely maximize biogas production from anaerobic digestion systems. Topics covered during the training program include:

  • Digester monitoring, optimization and trouble-shooting information that will provide a framework to achieve consistent biogas production.
  • Anaerobic digester safety, including an on-farm safety assessment of an operating digester system and emergency action planning.
  • Operator and vendor panels to provide industry experience and expertise for digester operation and management.
  • Biogas and digestate end use, discussion of local, state and national regulations and permits, and an understanding of environmental issues pertaining to anaerobic digestion.

Individuals who take this course have said they come away with a comprehensive systems knowledge that enables them to make informed decisions concerning digester management. For further information on the course, go to the Michigan State University Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center website, or contact Dana Kirk or Charles Gould.

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