Attending camp as a counselor builds life skills

Youth have the chance to build many life skills as a camp counselor in a variety of ways.

There is still time to enjoy the summer months and what they have to offer.  One of the many opportunities older youth have is the chance to become a camp counselor.  Whether it be day camps, week long camps or monthly camps, the opportunity to guide and lead young people in outdoor activities gives the older youth hands-on opportunities to try their decision making skills, leadership skills and safety skills. 

According to the Amercian Camping Assocation, teens described as liking the out of doors, boating, hiking, nature activities and working with kids are suitable for a camp counselor position.

There may be areas of speciality camps all over the U.S. that teens may want to eventually find a career in.  Michigan State University Extension has listed specialty camps as those that include:

  1. Working with special needs individuals
  2. Natural resources and conservation
  3. Boater safety which includes all types of boating, kayak, sailing and charter fishing
  4. Day camps for ages five to eight
  5. Overnight camps for ages nine to 12

Camp counselors can range in from 13- to 19-years-old. They come from all over which is a great way to make new friends. Working with young people gives the counselor the role of a hero in their eyes.

Not only does the older teen develop life skills, they can use this type of experience on their job resume for future jobs and towards a career choice.  If youth start as a camper and then become the counselor there may be a chance for the teens to become assistant director, or director, of the camp.

Young adults working as summer camp counselors have a postivie influence in the lives of children.  They will be a part of real life problem solving skills. 

Michigan State University 4-H Youth Programs offers older teens many opportunites to be a camp counselor. 

One of the specialized camps is the yearly 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp recently held at Camp Chickagami.

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