Beef feedlot placement considerations at current feed prices

Placement of beef feeders into finishing lots have financial risks that need to be considered at today’s cash values of corn and corn silage.

During this time of high feed and forage prices most cattle operations are taking extra time to consider all feed and forage options as well as the financial costs and the resulting production impacts.

A special webinar recording is available through Michigan State University (MSU) and provides a comparison of the projected economic returns when either placing feeder cattle into a feedlot or harvesting this year’s corn as cash grain or forage.

Professors Jim Hilker and Roy Black of MSU discuss a case farm’s spreadsheet example to evaluate how the financial position would change given today’s cattle and feed prices.

Any farm that is considering the purchase of feeder cattle for placement into their feedlot should consider viewing this presentation which can give an analysis view of how the consumption of feed and forages by feeder cattle may or may not be the best economic model for your farm. For more information and additional resources related to this topic you can visit the webpage of Dennis Stein, District Farm Business Management Educator for MSU.

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