Being kind is good for you and everyone else

There are many ways to be kind to others and experience and share its benefits.

Kindness is the heart of relationships, connections and respect. Kindness and the opportunity to be kind are out there and can be found every day. There is always a point where people look for this type of positivity but are not always sure how to get started. The great part is it can start with just one person and it does not take a lot of money or time.

A simple way to begin is by doing an internet search on acts of kindness for inspiration. There are so many opportunities to do good and kind acts. For example, hand write a thank you/gratitude note once a week for a year, hold a door for someone, call or spend time with your grandparent, teach about kindness or pay for someone’s meal. The possibilities are endless.

Kindness benefits ourselves and others

There are more benefits to increasing kindness in the world than those immediately affected by the initial act. Research has shown that being kind to other people actually increases your own happiness.

Kindness influences a person’s wellbeing and creates healthy relationships. Our brains receive an increase of serotonin when we are helpful and compassionate to others. In addition, not only does the receiver benefit but those witnessing the action are motivated to be kind to others too.

Kindness is good for our health

A study by Stanford University indicated that when medical patients are treated with kindness through communication, they had less anxiety, less pain and were released from care quicker.

Learning about kindness has had a positive effect on the social-emotional development of children, particularly around bullying. The Random Act of Kindness Foundation provides a curriculum called  ”Kindness in the Classroom” that is free to anyone interested. Many youth programs across the nation have created and implemented kindness programs with great success.

Find out more about the power of kindness

To learn more on the power of kindness and become inspired, here are some helpful sites you can visit:

Michigan State University Extension also offers a variety of educational programs throughout the state such as Stress Less with Mindfulness.

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