Benefits of eating breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can add benefits throughout the day.

We have all heard that we need to eat breakfast to get a good start to our day. Why is that? We need fuel to keep our bodies running, and the time between dinner or our late night snack is generally eight to 12 hours. To restart for each day and to get the best performance out of your body, Michigan State University Extension says that it is important to eat a healthy breakfast.The benefits of eating breakfast

Looking at the general population and the speed in which we try to get things done, the biggest reason given for not eating breakfast is there isn’t enough time in the morning. There are a couple suggestions given by John Hopkins Bloomburg school of Public Health for fitting breakfast into your busy schedule:

  • Get up just 15 minutes earlier. That should be sufficient time to eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Add a fruit juice or milk to your coffee time in the morning.
  • Prepare simple breakfast items the night before so there is little time in making breakfast, but it gives you healthy choices from different food groups.
  • If you are eating on the go, choose fresh fruits, like apples or read labels at the store and purchase items that provide whole grain, dairy and fruit in it for your morning commute.
  • Make healthy muffins with whole grain and fruit for a quick and easy breakfast.

A healthy part of your day comes from breakfast by providing needed vitamins and nutrients in that small meal. Eating breakfast can mean the difference in getting all of your needed vitamins and nutrients for the day.

There are several mental and physical benefits to eating breakfast. One that we can notice right away is the energy it provides to get through the morning. The energy comes from not only eating breakfast and waking up your mind and body, but by eating the right kind of foods for breakfast.

Whole grains provide long term energy and fiber for your day. According to Clemson Cooperative Extension you should look for cereal with five grams of fiber, then add milk, and top it off with fruit and you have a healthy breakfast. Foods from three food groups are bundled into your morning delight.

Eating a healthy start to your day provides rewards through brain power, energy, and a healthy beginning to a nutritious day. If you aren’t already eating a healthy breakfast, make a healthy choice by adding the benefits of breakfast to your day!

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