Calhoun County field crop fall meeting on Sept. 5, 2018

Weed control plots in LibertyLink soybean will be showcased along with presentations on several topics to help farmers prepare for harvest season.


Pest management can be challenging as any farmer knows. From controlling herbicide-resistant weeds to identifying and managing diseases and nematode pests, farmers need to have a well-stocked tool belt to grow a successful crop in these times of tight margins.

Marestail in particular is prevalent in many soybean fields that did not receive an application of a herbicide with residual activity this spring. Control in fields with conventional or Roundup-resistant soybean may be difficult if timely applications of effective herbicides are not made, especially if the marestail is glyphosate- and ALS-resistant. See Michigan State University Extension specialist Christy Sprague’s factsheet “Herbicide-resistant horseweed (marestail) in Michigan” for more information on controlling this challenging weed.

The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee is sponsoring a field day in Calhoun County Sept. 5, 2018, from 4:30 to 8 pm at the FFA learning lab field plots at the southeast corner of 24 ½ Mile Road and L Drive S just north of Homer, Michigan. The meeting will begin with dinner at 5 p.m. and is hosted by the MSU Extension field crops team in southwest Michigan.

Speakers will include MSU nematode specialist Marisol Quintanilla addressing soybean cyst nematode and managing methods. MSU Extension educators Bruce MacKellar and Eric Anderson will discuss crop management and weed control with resistant weed populations.

Demonstration plots in LibertyLink soybeans showing the efficacy of various herbicide programs at different price points will be highlighted. Attendees will tour the weed control plots, and photos of two other fields in the demonstration—one LibertyLink and one Xtend—will also be shared.

MSU and Purdue University Extension irrigation educator Lyndon Kelley will speak about timing the last irrigation for the season in field crops, preparing equipment for winter and considerations for future irrigation investment. Kaite Fraser, program coordinator with MSU’s Institute for Agricultural Technology, will share updates about the Agricultural Operations program at Kellogg Community College.

The event is free thanks to the sponsorship of the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, but registration is required for space and meal planning. Register by phone (269-781-0784) or email ( with the Calhoun County Extension office by Friday, Aug. 31.

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