Career planning from a resume – participate in activities

In the process of planning a career, plan to find activities and organizations to participate in.

As a student in high school, it can be challenging to make plans and take the steps necessary to follow the right path for a career. There are different methods that are utilized to help plan for a career. According to Michigan State University Extension, one method a student can try is using a resume as a roadmap to guide them toward a career path. Each section of a resume such as the objective, education, work experience, activities and skills, play an important role in helping plan and build a career.

It is beneficial for a student to be involved in activities and include them in a resume. Activities can demonstrate commitment, leadership, community involvement, interests and accomplishments. The Purdue Online Writing Lab states the type of activities students list on a resume are memberships in organizations, leadership and community service positions, awards,  honors, and scholarships received. There is also an activities resume for high school students. According to, an activities resume is a visual picture of a student’s involvement in academic, extracurricular, sports and other relevant involvements.

How can a student know what activities to participate in or organizations to join to help build their career? Here are some questions to answer that can help a student make that decision.

  • What are your possible career interests?
  • What are some activities that you can participate in that relate to your possible career interests?
  • What are some hobbies you have that can be turned into a career?
  • Is there a club or a group that you can join that matches your hobbies, interests, talents and skills?

In any activity, students should plan to be an active participant. Three possible things can happen as a result of a being an active participant. Students can:

  1. Learn new skills or improve on existing skills
  2. Build a network and establish connections that have a positive pay-off in a future career
  3. Gain good references

Michigan 4-H Youth Development offers a variety of activities for students to participate in to help develop career skills and life skills. As students, take advantage of opportunities for career planning. Consider the importance of participating in activities and organizations for the benefits in a future career and life.

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