Cass County message from the district director 2017

Michigan State University Extension continues to serve the residents of Cass County through the educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.

Over the past year, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension partnered with Cass County to continue strengthening youth, families, businesses and communities. MSU Extension staff are grounded in local relationships and serve by bringing the university’s research and resources to provide outreach and education in the areas Cass residents need it most.

A great example of how the investment Cass County makes in MSU Extension comes to life was the Imagine Cass! community visioning project that started this year. With the county administrator as the champion, community leaders united with an application to MSU’s Sustainable Built Environment Initiative. Cassopolis was chosen as one of the select projects in the state for this urban design and renewal program. Three meetings were held with over 200 community members involved to develop a renewed downtown Cassopolis vision. Support for this effort was provided by MSU Professors, graduate students, MSU Extension educators, specialists and the Cass county community. This initiative set the tone for future partnerships and improved relationships in the county. Not only did Cassopolis get renderings for a newly envisioned downtown corridor, but this project fostered a renewed sense of community from which to grow.

MSU Extension is passionate about serving Cass County, and we are proud of the impacts we have made over this last year. Thank you for your continued support and for partnering with us to make a difference.

Julie Pioch, District 13 Coordinator

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