Central Michigan vegetable regional report – June 10, 2015

Dry weather aided field work in most of central Michigan this week.

Potato blossoms.
Potato blossoms.


Air temperatures were fairly consistent this week with highs in the lower 70s to low 80s in Entrican, Michigan. Low temperatures ranged from 48.3 degrees Fahrenheit June 6 to 62.3 F June 8. Low soil temperatures range from 59.6 to 64.7 F.

Rainfall totals for the week were very light with most areas receiving less than 0.25 inches for the week, however scattered thundershowers did produce substantially more rainfall in a few small areas. Soil conditions are becoming dry in many areas, though a few growers are still talking about areas in fields remaining wet.


Chip potato planting is finished, for the most part, as of this week. Early planted potatoes are being cultivated and hilled and tubers are being set. Volunteer potatoes continue to emerge in rotation crops and cull piles.

Late plantings of sweet corn are going in this week and many growers have made their last planting for the season. Growth rate and color has improved dramatically with the consistently warmer temperatures. Early plantings are at V6 to V7.

Asparagus harvest is complete on several farms and will be wrapping up in the next week or so on most others.

Pickling cucumber planting is moving forward with most growers on schedule.


Colorado potato beetles continue to emerge this week with egg masses present on untreated potatoes.

We continue to catch low numbers of true armyworm and black cutworm moths this week. Low catch numbers does not mean there is zero threat, however. There are reports of true armyworm and black cutworm larvae activity in a few locations around the state; this is not widespread, but it does emphasize Michigan State University Extension’s recommendation to regularly scout susceptible crops for these and other pests.

Remember that proper pest identification is an important part of pest scouting.

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