Central Michigan vegetable regional report – May 25, 2016

A full week of warm temperatures and sunshine has progressed crop development and planting.


Air temperatures in Entrican, Michigan, ranged from the mid-60s to mid-80s for highs this week. Low temperatures ranged from the mid-30s to low 50s. Soil temperature has improved with minimum temperatures well above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for much of the week on bare soil. Soil conditions remain variable with poorly drained soils remaining too wet to work.


Potato planting is continuing. Most growers should be close to finishing in the next seven days. Early planted potatoes are emerging.

Sweet corn planting continues. Early planted sweet corn is at V2 of two leaf collars.

Asparagus harvest has picked up this week. Many growers are picking daily.

Pea planting is ongoing for roadside markets. Early plantings have emerged with good stands.

Tomato transplanting is underway in market gardens, as well as transplanting and planting of many other warm season crops.

Rye cover crops are growing rapidly and many fields are heading out.

Continue scouting sensitive plants for black cutworm damage and true armyworm damage. Even though flight has been low in central Michigan, it may be possible to find isolated locations with a few larvae.

Michigan State University Extension advises growers to begin scouting for volunteer potatoes in central Michigan. Volunteer potatoes should begin emerging soon. It is important to control volunteer potatoes as these are a potential source of disease for this year’s crop, especially late blight, which was present in Montcalm County and surrounding areas in 2015.

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