Chippewa County investing in Chippewa County youth with 4-H

MSU Extension's 4-H program has impacted 1,061 youth in Chippewa County.

In Chippewa County 4-H, we believe in the power of young people. By providing opportunities to learn and lead, 4-H helps youth become informed and engaged community members. While exploring new topics and activities in an experiential way, youth build the skills they need for life.

In 2017, Chippewa County 4-H had a total of 55 screened adult volunteers and 148 youth enrolled as 4- H club members. In addition, 913 youth, or 13.9% of Chippewa County youth aged 5 to 19 took part in learning opportunities with MSU Extension.

Embryology Comes to The Sault Schools

The “Beginning of Life” 4-H project was brought to Soo Township Elementary School in May of 2018. The Embryology program is designed to teach responsibility, caring, and respect for a living thing. With an emphasis on a hands-on experience with living things, the program helps youth grasp developmental processes and stages of growth while introducing youth to scientific processes and other areas of science.

Maggie Merchberger, 4-H Program Coordinator for Chippewa County, taught The “Beginning of Life” 4-H project in six lessons. These lessons began with studying the parts of an egg to incubation, and keeping records of how the eggs were developing. Ending with the big event, hatch day. In addition to setting the eggs in the incubator the students also learned how to candle the eggs and build a brooder box for the newly hatched chick.

The students helped to set 15 eggs that were donated by a local hobby farm. Out of those 15 eggs the students successfully hatched 1 chick. They were very proud of their accomplishment.

This program has expanded into additional schools.

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