Claudia Walz

Claudia Walz graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Crop and Soil Science program in the depart of Plant Soil and Microbial Sciences MSU

Claudia Walz B.S. Crop and Soil Sciences, Dept of Plant Soil and Microbial Sciences 2022
What degree are you earning? Bachelor of Science, Crop and Soil Sciences major.
Why did you choose this major? I chose this major because I was interested in how crops can feed the world and what I could do with this degree
What was your inspiration for this program? The CSS introductory course with Dr. Renner was why I changed my major into CSS. Her passion inspired me and once I learned more about what the major had to offer I immediately switched.
What do you recommend about this program to other students? The best experience in my major so far has been the opportunities to participate in undergraduate research. I worked in two different labs and it helped me explore different sides to the crop industry. There are so many courses to take that you can focus on topics that are important or interesting to you.
My favorite part about being a Spartan is saying "Go Green" anywhere and without fail someone responding "Go White".
What activities were you involved with on campus?  Sigma Alpha-Gamma Chapter, Michigan State University, Michigan State Agronomy-Club, MSU Main Campus Collegiate Farm Bureau
What Scholarship opportunities did you take advantage of to help fund your education?
Scholarships relating to CSS/CANR - 2021-2022: CSS Faculty Scholarship, Michigan Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) Scholarship, Bayer Friends of Richard Stroud Memorial Scholarship, Martin Victor Brown Scholarship, George E. Parsons Scholarship. 2020-2021: PSM Faculty Scholarship, Michigan Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) Scholarship. Dean's List 6 semesters

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