Clean drinking water is essential to life

It is important to view your water source as a valuable link to health and safety.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes water safe to drink? The United States has some of the safest water in the world. There are systems that filter and clean our water with regulations and standards put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Keeping health and safety in mind lets many of us drink clean water daily.

Clean drinking water is essential to life. The human body is made up to 60 percent water. Water assists in many important functions our bodies preform every day. Since it flows through our organs and cells water needs to be clean and free of disease, metals, and human and animal feces. Unclean or unfiltered water that may be contaminated can make those that drink it ill. One of the most common side effects of drinking unsafe water is diarrhea. This side effect alone can take lives if not addressed properly. If you are faced with a natural disaster, learning a safe way to filter water can provide you with some tools that may assist you in providing your own safe water. Once water is filtered, it must be stored safely.

It is important to view your water source as a valuable link to health and safety as much as you would the food you eat. Michigan State University Extension recommends having your water source tested regularly. A municipal source is regularly tested and well water should be also. Municipalities are required to provide an annual report informing consumers of the quality of the water the facility is providing. The EPA also provides regulations and standards for safe water. Water treatment systems are not fool proof. There are many things that are monitored and checked constantly, but some waterborne bacteria can make it through. Adding a filtration system in your home can help assure you are consuming safe water.

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