Commodity market update for grains and dairy available

Spring is a busy time for farmers but they still need to follow the changes in the commodity markets for grains and dairy – a recent recorded webinar discusses these issues.

The Thumb of Michigan has a long standing Commodity Market Update meeting that takes place every other month. If you would like to catch up on what has been happening in the grain market, you can view a presentation made at the meeting by Jim Hilker- Commodity Marketing Specialist with Michigan State University Extension. This session covered grains and discussed current factors that are impacting price movements.

Dairy producers may be interested in a special dairy update presentation by Chris Wolf, Dairy Marketing Specialist with Michigan State University Extension. With milk and dairy product prices at record highs, most farms are very interested in the outlook for market changes.

As farms develop their individual marketing plans, gathering information on issues that will impact production and prices is very important. Using a cost of production tool to determine costs per cow and per hundredweight (cwt) can be a great first step. Farms can find the links to the Commodity Market Update sessions along with additional risk management tools on the FIRM Web page .

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