Communicating with your child’s teacher: parent-teacher conferences and beyond

How do you communicate with your child’s teacher? Learn how with these helpful tips that will help open the lines of communication.

Follow these suggestions for successful communication with your child's teacher.
Follow these suggestions for successful communication with your child's teacher.

Research shows children do better in school when parents talk often with their child’s teachers and become involved in their child’s school. One of the most customary ways of working with your child’s teacher is through parent- teacher conferences, which according to University of Maine Cooperative Extension, can be positive, helpful experiences for you and your child. Parent-teacher conferences are designed for you to ask questions and for the teacher to understand your child’s needs. Parents and teachers are on the same team; everyone is trying to do what’s best for the child. By taking a team approach, your conferences with teachers will be a time to problem-solve, get answers and learn more.

Aside from this traditional time for parents and teachers to communicate, there are a number of other ways parents and teachers can communicate with each other throughout the year. Michigan State University Extension recommends the following parent teacher communication tips:

  • Communicate early in the school year and often.
  • Communicate high expectations.
  • Initiate communication using the proper channels.
  • Be non-confrontational and pleasing while communicating.
  • As a parent, express your desire to support the teacher decisions.

As you communicate with your child’s teacher remember:

  • Close communication between parents and teachers will help your student.
  • Parents who participate in school activities and events will have added opportunities to communicate with teachers.
  • Becoming involved with the parent-teacher organizations gives the teacher and parents the possibility to interact outside the classroom. In addition, you as a parent will also have input into decisions that may affect your child’s education.
  • Teachers usually welcome meeting their students’ parents early in the school year. Making an effort to do this will help the teacher better understand you, your child and how you will support the education of your child. Teachers appreciate knowing that parents are concerned and interested in their child’s progress. This helps open the lines of communication.

Remember to start the school-year off on a good note by opening the lines of communication with your child’s teacher. When parents and teachers work together, a child has a team of adults who are committed to bringing out the child’s best.

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