Conifer genetics and tree improvement webinar series

A free webinar series is offered for Christmas tree and nursery growers that will discuss the elements of conifer genetic improvement.

Photo: Joy Landis, MSU
Photo: Joy Landis, MSU

Understanding genetics and tree improvement is critical to the success of your Christmas tree farm, whether you know it or not. From selecting the right species for your site to starting your own seed orchard, tree genetics impact your operation every day.

In a five-part Christmas Tree Genetics and Tree Improvement Webinar Series, leading Christmas tree scientists will present an in-depth discussion on the critical elements of Christmas tree improvement and how genetic selection can improve the growth, health and quality of your crops and make your farm more profitable.

All webinars run from 1-2:30 p.m. and include the following dates and topics:

  • Feb. 1: The Tree Improvement Process: Selection, Testing and Breeding
  • Feb. 8: Capturing Genetic Gains: Seed Collection Zones and Seed Orchards
  • Feb. 15: Tree Improvement Techniques: Grafting, Controlled-pollination and Tissue Culture
  • Feb. 22: Tree Improvement Case Studies from Around the Country and Around the World
  • March 1: Future Issues: Genetic Engineering and Genomics of Fir Species


  • Rick Bates – Penn State University
  • Gary Chastagner – Washington State University
  • Bert Cregg – Michigan State University
  • John Frampton – North Carolina State University
  • Chal Landgren – Oregon State University
  • Lilian Matallana – North Carolina State University
  • Jim Rockis, Reliable Source – Seeds and Transplants
  • Ulrik Bräuner Nielsen – University of Copenhagen

There is no charge for the program, but registration is required. To register, go to Christmas Tree Genetics and Tree Improvement Webinar Series.

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