Developing a produce delivery form

A key component to traceability for a fresh produce buyer is having a delivery form for their records. Outlined are the specific things that need to be on a typical produce delivery form.

Good business dictates that the more professional an operation looks, the more serious it will be taken by buyers. It is good business to have a produce delivery form. It allows the buyer to know how to find their customer easily. Implementation of GAPs on fresh produce farms requires them to provide a delivery form with every delivery.

The information fields needed on a produce delivery form are shown below (substitute with appropriate orientation) on a sample produce delivery form for the Rogers Farm. Growers will want to include a sample produce delivery form on a page in their food safety manual as well. Many fresh produce growers have incorporated this information as part of their receipt with a tear-off portion that they take with them as a receipt of delivery. This serves as a record that the load was delivered and received by someone at the buyer’s firm.

Produce delivery form

If you would like more information on produce delivery forms, contact the Michigan State University Extension Agrifood Safety Workgroup at 517-788-4292 or

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