Discover butterfly secrets at the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden

Learn more about butterflies and visit the Butterflies in the Garden Exhibit in the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden.

Have you ever wondered where butterflies sleep or how fast they can fly? Have you ever wondered what butterfly eggs look like? These are just some of the interesting butterfly secrets you can discover with the Discovering Butterfly Secrets Scavenger Hunt that is part of Butterflies in the Garden in the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden in East Lansing, Michigan.

QR codeEvery spring from approximately March 15 till the end of April, the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden becomes a butterfly flight house where you can “experience butterflies” and discover interesting butterfly secrets. To discover butterfly secrets, you will need to do a bit of exploring in the garden and look for the butterfly information smart signs. You can also discover these secrets.

Use a smart phone to scan the sign and discover even more than what is right in front of you. Explore and discover some of these butterfly secrets:

  • Butterfly chrysalis – what is that red stuff?
  • Caterpillars – what do they do all day? (Image - caterpillar)
  • Butterfly roosting – where do butterflies go at night?
  • Butterfly plants – what plants do butterflies like and why?
    Butterfly plant
  • Our butterflies – what butterflies are in the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden, where are they from and what do they look like?
    Orange julia
  • Butterfly fun facts – cool things about butterflies you might want to know.
    Fun facts

As you discover these butterfly secrets, take a minute to share your new knowledge with someone else, show other visitors how to discover these butterfly secrets and, most of all, have some fun! Once you discover these butterfly secrets, you just might be a butterfly expert. Congratulations!

The Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden is funded through the Michigan 4-H Foundation. Special funding for Butterflies in the Garden is provided by the MSU Federal Credit Union – Thanks!

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