Discovery Camp teaches youth how to make an impact in their Michigan communities

Youth get a glimpse of the power of science courtesy of leading MSU researchers.

EAST LANSING, Mich.—Youth got a glimpse into the life of a scientist during Michigan 4-H Discovery Camp June 24-28. They spent the week among Michigan State University faculty members, leading researchers and other youth with similar interests. The main focus of the camp is to expose youth to the natural resources and agriculture industry in Michigan.

“Discovery Camp provided an amazing experience to learn about many sources of renewable energy and their potential impacts on Michigan communities,” said MSU Extension program leader Jacob DeDecker. “Youth also loved the opportunity to meet other youth with similar interests and work in teams to design, build, test and race solar-powered cars.”

Participants came from across Michigan for a taste of campus life and to learn and participate in science-based hands-on activities.

“I think it’s interesting to see what else we can use besides the same old thing for gasoline and diesel,” said 14-year-old participant Nael Hallak. “Eventually our natural supply for what we use right now is going to run out, so if we start using the new things that some people are already focused on, I am going to be able to say I’m part of it.”

Participants such as Kaitlynn Hammons realized that the group was learning about things that others normally only hear about, such as “using waste products we generally think of as useless as a way to generate electricity and use that for fuel.”

Discovery Camp also provides youth the chance to explore career options and focus on areas that they envision as possible career fields in the future.

“I like science and math, so I think I might want to become an engineer,” said 13-year-old participant Demarius Clemons.

For more information, visit the 4-H Discovery Camp page on the Michigan 4-H website.

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