Do you need a brush-up on pest management basics?

MSU’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Academy is a quick, concentrated way to update your IPM skills. Join us on the MSU campus February 20-21.

Do you need a brush-up on integrated pest management basics? I’m not talking about a visit to the dentist (although that’s important, too). I’m talking about a “knowledge brush-up.”

It’s always good to refresh our knowledge – even on the simple topics like basic plant science or soil science. Having a basic understanding of insect, disease and weed sciences can help with the everyday decisions you make on your farm. And, of course, learning how pesticides work is always valuable. Plus, let’s talk about the weather – always a conversation starter – but how can you use weather monitoring and models to make better pest management decisions?

If you are interested in any of these topics, you should consider signing up for MSU’s IPM Academy to be held on campus February 20-21. The deadline for early registration is coming up soon – February 13.

Perhaps you saw earlier e-mails about it and thought it was only for beginners. I urge you to look at this as a learning opportunity to brush up on your skills so you are ready for the 2012 growing season. Check out the IPM Academy agenda and I bet you will find at least three or four topics that peak your interest.

Perhaps the price of $225 is discouraging, but if you go to the IPM Academy and only learn one or two new things to help you reduce your pesticide bill for 2012, you should be money ahead. Please note that overnight accommodations are not included.

Please consider attending, or sending the young people from your farming operation – they are guaranteed to bring back information to help them and your farm.

Visit the IPM Academy website for registration and speaker details.

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