Does your Mugho pine look like a poodle?

Watch out for European sawfly larvae feeding on older needles of pine trees, including Mugho pines.

European pine sawfly larvae are busy munching away on the older needles of pine trees, with Mugho pine being a favorite host plant. The sawfly larvae look like caterpillars and tend to feed in groups. Disguised by dark green colors, they often go undetected.

pine sawfly
European pine sawfly larvae. Photo credit: University of Minnesota

The first sign of a problem may be a bare-looking tree with nice bunches of new growth and no older needles, making the tree look like a shaved poodle. European pine sawfly should be done feeding by the end of May this year in southern Michigan.

European pine sawfly feeding damage.
Photo credit: University of Wisconsin

Sawfly Damage
European pine sawfly damage to Mugho pine.
Photo credit: University of Minnesota

Dr. Smitley’s work is funded in part by MSU’s AgBioResearch.

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