Don’t drink your money away

Drinking water is healthier for you than drinking soda and costs less.

Drinking soda or pop on a daily basis can be a costly habit. Soda from a vending machine can cost between $1 and $2 per bottle of soda. Spending one dollar per day at the soda machine adds up to $365 in a year’s time. If you have more than one soda day, you are spending even more. Drinking soda is also costly in terms of adding extra calories if you are drinking regular soda which can result in added pounds of weight gain. Being overweight frequently adds up to health problems down the road and that can be expensive. Soda is also hard on the teeth and dental work doesn’t come cheap either. 

So what to do instead? Water is the most logical and inexpensive choice. Using a clean, insulated water bottle with water from your faucet can cost just pennies a day. Keep a pitcher of water in your refrigerator if you prefer to have cold water to drink or add ice from the freezer. Adding fruit to your water such as a slice of lemon or lime provides a little extra flavor without extra sugar or calories. 

You can add other flavors to your water by adding other fruits to a pitcher of water such as strawberries, oranges or apples. Always clean your fruit with cold running water and a brush when possible as you would with any fresh fruit before you eat it. Remove pits, stems and seeds before adding them to the water. Keep the water and fruit mixture in the refrigerator to avoid the growth of bacteria. Strain out pieces of fruit pulp with a small strainer when pouring into your glass. This makes a tasty, refreshing alternative to plain water or soda. 

Drinking water helps to keep your body hydrated and is even more important in summer months when the temperatures are higher or when you are actively exercising or doing hard physical labor. Michigan State University Extension offers these tips to stay hydrated and healthy, particularly during the summer months.

Finding alternatives to drinking soda can save you money and is better for your overall health. If you can’t give up the soda, purchase soda by the case and bring it with you every day from home. A case of soda at $6 per case is only 25 cents per can!

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