East central Michigan field crop regional report – June 20, 2013

Another series of dry days provided a much needed window for farmers to finish soybean planting, replant problem areas and fields and work on weed control.


Several dry days have helped farmers get back in the field.

Commodity reports

Most of the wheat is done flowering. Wheat diseases so far have been minimal. Wheat is shorter than normal, but has a much approved appearance than earlier in the year. No insect issues have been reported.

Corn replanting has been completed this week. Many corn fields have greened up and look much better. Some of the early planted corn is over knee high. Some late planted corn has just emerged. Wet spots are still causing problems. Weed control is getting caught up.

Soybean stands vary from excellent to poor depending on planting date and weather conditions. Replanting of the bad areas will be completed by the end of the week.

Alfalfa first cutting is complete. Regrowth looks good.

Sugarbeets have root disease issues. A few fields have been worked up and replanted to soybeans.

Other Michigan State University Extension field crop regional reports from this week:

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