East central Michigan field crop regional report – May 30, 2013

Rain has stopped field work and planting progress in the east central region.


Over 2 inches of precipitation was recorded at both the Freeland Enviro-weather station and the Richville/Frankenmuth Enviro-weather station from the Tuesday (May 28) and Wednesday (May 29) rains this week. The entire region is very wet. Standing water on many fields has producers concerned about corn and soybean survival. By Thursday morning (May 30), much of the water had soaked in, but some locations will be under water for several days yet. Earlier in the week a very limited amount of field activity occurred on Memorial Day (May 27).

Commodity reports

Wheat is in the Feeke’s stage 10-10.1. Some heads are just starting to emerge on Thursday morning (May 30). The wheat fields are still looking very irregular. With the excessive moisture there are concerns about potential wheat diseases. Michigan State University Extension advises producers to be prepared if fungicide treatments are being considered.

Corn planting had little additional progress this week. The region is still 70 to 90 percent planted. Many corn fields have emerged with even stands, but are light-green to yellow in color. Corn is growing slowly with some of the earliest planted corn in the V2-V3 growth stage.

Wheat heading VC corn
Left, Heading wheat field in Gratiot County, taken May 30, 2013. Right, V2 stage corn in Gratiot
County, taken May 30, 2013. Photo credits: Dan Rossman, MSU Extension

Soybean planting is holding at 55 to 70 percent completed. Early planted fields have soybeans in the VE –VC growth stage.

Alfalfa has been growing well. The Ithaca Enviro-weather station lists base 41 growing degree days at 703 for May 29. Alfalfa is ready for harvest, but the wet soil and rain forecast will likely keep producers out of the fields for several more days.

VC soybeans Alfalfa
Left, VC stage soybeans in Gratiot County, taken May 30, 2013. Right, Alfalfa field in Gratiot County,
taken May 30, 2013. Photo credits: Dan Rossman, MSU Extension

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