East central Michigan field crops regional report – June 28, 2013

A week of dry and warm weather has accelerated crop growth in the east central region and assisted farmers in finishing field tasks.


According to the Ithaca Enviro-weather station, we have experienced highs in the mid- to high 80s with less than 0.10 of an inch of rain for the past week until Thursday, June 27, when a storm produced heavy rain and even some hail over the area.

Commodity reports

Wheat is in the grain fill stage. Some wheat fields look like they will start turning color next week. Head scab can found on a few occasional heads. Septoria and other foliar diseases are present, but at low levels. The June 27 storm has caused lodging in some areas.

Corn growth has accelerated greatly. The early planted corn is over waist-high. Some corn planting has just been completed. Planting in less than ideal conditions has resulted in a large amount of variability of corn size and stage of development, even in fields all planted the same day.

Soybean planting is complete. Some early drilled soybeans have excellent growth and are now canopied. Some fields have had wet spots replanted a couple of times. A few fields have signs of feeding by first generation bean leaf beetles, but were well below threshold. Be on the outlook for aphids; they could blow in on the right weather pattern and surprise us. Marestail has been a challenge to control in a number of no-till fields.

Alfalfa regrowth continues to look very good. Scout for potato leafhoppers.

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