East central Michigan field crops regional report – September 5, 2013

Crop conditions continue to be variable throughout the region. Early planted crops are nearing maturity. Late planted crops have a long way to go.


Rainfall has been irregular across the region. Some areas received over 4 inches in mid-Michigan on Aug. 27 while others to the east received only about 0.5 inches of precipitation. Fortunately, we have been getting warm temperatures during the day and the crops continue to make good progress towards maturity. A warm September and a delayed killing frost until well into October is still needed to get all crops mature.

Commodity reports

Early planted corn is hard dented with husks turning brown and drying. Corn silage harvest has started. Whole plant moistures are now below 70 percent for some fields. Late planted corn is in the milk stage. Some fields need five weeks of good, warm weather to be safe from a killing frost. The rain last week was a huge blessing. It is still too early to predict the corn yield. Today’s hybrids can be very surprising by how they handle weather-related stress and still produce a good crop.

Early planted soybeans are turning color. Some fields are mature and dropping leaves. The dry August may have hurt yields. Late planted soybeans have taken advantage of the Aug. 27 rain and could have some real potential. Again, we need a warm September to finish the crop.

Alfalfa third cutting is complete. Regrowth looks good after the late August rain.

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