Easter egg hunts promote fun and health

Encourage physical activity with an Easter egg hunt.

Take advantage of the warming temperatures this Easter weekend and head outside for some physical activity with the family and kids in your life.

Michigan State University Extension recommends that children get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. You can encourage this activity with an Easter egg hunt. Adults and kids can enjoy this activity by adjusting the level of difficulty for each skill set and age, and by working individually or as teams.

Plan or participate in an active Easter egg hunt following these easy steps:

  1. Write a physical activity and next location clue on pieces of paper
    • Vary the level of difficulty based on the ages of the participants
    • If participants are still learning to read, you may want to use pictures
    • Color code clues for each team or age level
    • Add intentional extra steps so participants have to walk or run further to find clues
  2. Place clues where they will be protected
    • In plastic Easter eggs
    • Tie to tree branches
    • In plastic snack bags
  3. Participants must complete the activity and then move on to the next location following the clue
  • Directions to the next location can be a clue or simple instruction by adjusting the tips based on the participants skill level

Super Healthy Kids provides fun activities for an Easter egg fitness treasure hunt. In the provided examples, steps are easy to follow and clues are available for use. Using non-perishable foods and safely protecting food, children can hunt for their lunch during an Easter egg lunch hunt. Be sure that you’re following food safety guidelines if you try the lunch hunt. The Partnership for Food Safety shares tips to keep cold foods chilled. A Glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt can be a fun challenge for older kids to be active in.

With some advanced preparation, kids and adults get the physical activity they need and have fun too. Start spring off on the right step by encouraging physical activity. Active Easter egg hunts encourage learning and healthy habits.

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